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If you are just starting out or if your business only needs a simple website so you can be found in a google search, then a Google My Business page may be all you need.

Using a Google Account to set up a one page website, complete with a registered domain name and SSL, is fairly easy and incurs no ongoing fees, just the renewal cost of the domain name each year, which is $19.80.

The one page website works well on a mobile or tablet as well as a comptuer and gives you a free listing on both maps and search.

This is a good starting point for getting your business online. If you have good computer skills you can do this yourself. If you would prefer we can set this up for you for $400. This includes adding your logo, a cover image, links to email, facebook, contact numbers etc.

It will display your business address or service area, if you do not have a store front. It includes a good description of your business, trading hours and any photos or videos you want added.

Samsara Designs GMB Listing
Google My Business Dashboard
Free website through Google Account

Do you need a listing?

Even if you have a full website, you still need to have your business listed on the search engines. Google is the most used search engine in Australia, followed by Safari, Yahoo and Bing. Once you have your business listed and verified on Google, you can then add it to the others.

Below is a sample of the free listing available in my area.

Other free services you can add your business to:

If you decide you need a full website then visit our Website Page to learn more…

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